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Zombie Hunt!

Don't be afraid... Fight Back

The Zombie Apocalypse has begun and a giant horde is making its way to Greensboro! Help save the city and join the resistance! Our ZRV's (Zombie Response Vehicles) are equipped with paintball gun turrets pre-loaded with special zombie rounds designed to send the zombie horde back to their graves.

Zombie Hunt! is a truly unique experience allowing individuals or groups to team up and experience the hayride of a lifetime! Not only will particpants experience a full-scale haunted hay-ride, they will be shooting back at the undead zombie horde! The gates open at 7:00pm and the first ZRV departs at dark with more ZRV's leaving at regular intervals (everyone in line by 10pm will get to ride). All necessary equipment (including the specialized glow-in-the-dark zombie rounds) is included.

Dates and Times

Regular Hours

Zombie Hunt! will be open to the public every Friday and Saturday From October 13th through October 28th. Registration opens at 7:00pm and everyone in line by 10:00pm will ride!

Group Reservations

General Admission ticket holders do not need reservations!

Reserve a private ZRV (zombie-response vehicle) for your group! Reservations require a minimum of 16 shooters and will allow you to skip the lines after checking in. Please call 1-866-421-PLAY for more information or to book. Reservation phone lines are open M-F 10am-5:30pm & Sa 10am-3:30pm.


Zombie Hunt! takes place at PBC Paintball Park, 6106 Burlington Rd. Sedalia, NC 27249. Click the "info" button below for directions.

Venue: PBC Paintball Park Greensboro

6106 Burlington Rd.
Sedalia, NC 27249

2017 Schedule

  • General Admission

    Fri. Oct. 13

    Registration open at

    Sat. Oct. 14

    Registration open at

    Fri. Oct. 20

    Registration open at

    Sat. Oct. 21

    Registration open at

    Fri. Oct. 27

    Registration Open at

    Sat. Oct. 28

    Registration Open at

  • Reservations Available

    Reservations are available during all General Admission dates. Please call 1-866-421-PLAY to book your reservation early as time slots will fill quickly.

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General Admission Tickets

Choose an available date in green, then click "book now" below:

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Important Online Ordering Information - PLEASE READ
The online order form is for General Admission tickets which are good for any Friday or Saturday from October 13th thru October 28th. By selecting the correct date when you place your order, you are helping us plan so that line time is kept to a minimum.

After placing your order, you will need to print your receipt or have a digital copy on your phone that you can show the attendant when checking in. This will act as your ticket, so please do not forget to bring it!

Admission fee:
-$25 (includes all equipment, 75 zombie-killer rounds, and one ZRV ride)

Optional Add-Ons:
-$7 for additional 75 rounds on your ride!
-$15 for a fast pass, skip the lines!

You can enter your coupon code after clicking "Book Now" to the left.

Fun for All Ages!

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Q: Can I bring my own paintballs or paintball gun?

A: No, all of the necessary equipment will be provided. Our specialized zombie rounds are made to glow in the dark and act as tracers. The paintball guns are mounted to the ZRV's so there can be no accidental "friendly fire".

Q: If I purchase tickets online, can i just bring my receipt to get in?

A: Yes! If you purchase tickets online, you will need to either print out a copy of your receipt or have a digital copy stored on your phone when you check in at the event.

Q: Is it safe for kids?

A: Yes! The paintball guns are mounted to the truck so that no one is in danger of being shot (except for the zombies, of course). The ride will be filled with excitement, spookyness, and laughter for all ages. Paintball Central has been in business for 15 years; safety and fun are our two top priorities!

Q: How long does the ride last?

A: One ride takes approximately 15 minutes.

Q: How long is the wait?

A: We have made many improvements this year to speed up the turnaround time to keep up with demand without sacrificing the experience. Approximate wait times are posted by the registration area. Guests are welcome to check in, leave the premises, then return closer to your ride time. There are also plenty of lighted, covered seating areas on site with movies playing on the 10 ft. movie screen, cornhole boards, and concessions available.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Local Businesses: Contact us for more information on our distribution package or sponsorship opportunities available!

Visit our paintball website: PaintballCentral.com
Email us: contact@NCZombies.com
Call us: 866.421.PLAY

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